Why Us

Why Choose Landmark Realty:

EXPERIENCED  REALTORS  — The Agents at Landmark Realty, LLC have a combined 100 years of experience

RESOURCES—REALTORS at Landmark Realty, LLC  have the resources to make informed decisions to complete your transaction whether YOU are a BUYER or SELLER!

KNOWLEDGE of HAYS and SURROUNDING AREA – Our Agents are from this area, they know the local community and call it home!  Their knowledge of Real Estate is ideal for people who want to BUY or SELL.  We can also help you with Residential, Commercial, Farmland, Investment Property,  or a 1031 Exchange

REALTOR EDUCATION —  Our Agents undergo continued education & renew their license every two years.     Agents are members of the National Association of Realtors, Kansas Association of Realtors and Hays Board of Realtors. There is a strict CODE OF ETHICS that must be followed by all REALTORS.

GOOD REALTORS – listen and communicate with YOU their client.!  Your REALTOR will find out what your expectations and needs are regarding the transaction and strive for the best outcome.

YOUR REALTOR – will work toward YOU, their client for a successful transaction.

LANDMARK REALTY, LLC —  offers the different agencies available to YOU our client.    A happy, satisfied client is always the goal as we look forward to repeating business!

LANDMARK REALTY, LLC – is committed to treating every client honestly and fairly.  We can help you BUY or SELL.

WE welcome everyone looking into a real estate transaction!

Call Landmark Realty, LLC at 785-628-2861 and ask to speak with one of our experienced Real Estate Agents.

LANDMARK  REALTY,  LLC  of HAYS  “Holds the KEY to your next move!”




Part of the AMERICAN DREAM is buying and owning a home.

Landmark Realty, LLC of Hays, Kansas wants to be the Realtor to help YOU achieve your dream!

NO MATTER THE “sign in the yard” – Landmark Realty, LLC wants to help you buy your first, second third or more home!  Tell us your wants & needs, then let us help you find homes for you to tour.  IF YOU see a home while you are driving around, let us know, no matter the “sign in the yard”.  We can arrange to show a home listed by any company in Hays.

NEGOTIATE SALE PRICE – We can help you negotiate a sale price you are comfortable with for your dream home, then guide you through the closing process to make you a HOMEOWNER!.

COMMITMENT—Our commitment to you doesn’t stop when the paperwork is done!

AFTER THE SALE – Even in the unfortunate event of problems after the sale, we can help with that.


FREE MARKET ANALYSES – Size up or down or just make a change – Landmark Realty, LLC will help you. Let us list your home.  We will do a free market analysis to determine the best price at which to sell your home.

HOW WE MARKET FOR YOU – We promote your home to potential buyers.  Promotion and marketing will be done through Hays MLS, Newspaper Advertising, TV Advertising, Radio Advertising, Hays Post, Facebook, Hays MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.Com., Nex -Tech, Home Tours, holding an Open House, and our LANDMARK REALTY, LLC sign in your yard!

CLOSING PROCESS – We will help you through the closing process after an agreement/satisfactory negotiations have been reached and are there to put the SOLD sign in your yard.  And by the way, we can help you find your new home too!

Landmark Realty, LLC holds the key to your next move!

785-628-2861  |  office@landmarkrealtyhays.com